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Tulsa Womens Clinic
Based on 50 reviews
Kia N.
14:35 23 May 19
Very clean & Nice staff. Their are people in front who help you get inside. Staff is really patient and understanding as well.
Kyla D.
17:30 10 May 19
16:39 10 May 19
The staff was very friendly! I felt comfortable and it was a very easy process.
Destiny E.
15:24 10 May 19
Lily S.
15:19 10 May 19
Adeola O.
17:17 29 Apr 19
Great staff, clean facilities and excellent service!
Anne A.
18:36 24 Apr 19
All the staff was amazing nice and non-judgmental. I highly recommend their services!!!!
Mariah G.
16:54 24 Apr 19
The staff is so freaking nice especially the girls at the front desk! Thank you so much for all of your help!
Annonymous P.
16:42 24 Apr 19
The staff there is absolutely amazing!!! The girls at the front desk are awesome and so are the nurses, the lab ladies! Thank you Tulsa Women's Clinic! <3
Amari G.
16:03 23 Apr 19
They renovated this place, really looks great inside!
Mary Anne P.
14:48 13 Apr 19
Morgan T.
13:32 21 Mar 19
The two hispanic front staff girls were amazing. They are very professional & made me feel comfortable throughout the process and they explained the process enough for me to understand. Highly recommend this place if you need their services. Also, the lab girl and the Nurse Shayla were great! GREAT PLACE & THEY LOVE THEIR PATIENTS!!
Tamar B.
17:55 20 Mar 19
Thank you for making this a judgement free zone. we know what abortion is and i appreciate that no one tries to talk you out of it. i didnt sit in the waiting room forever. they answered my questions honestly and all of the staff was friendly.
Carmen M.
16:31 14 Mar 19
Very nice and informative workers. Nice and clean facility.
Meshea B.
01:16 28 Feb 19
Madonna L.
17:58 25 Feb 19
Prices are cheaper then other places, don’t even waste your time calling anywhere else. Staff is great, clean environment, non judge mental. The doctors know what they’re doing and such friendly people!
Jessica H.
16:48 25 Feb 19
Thank you so much.
Maribel P.
16:38 25 Feb 19
Friendly staff, was not judged at all made everything so easy for me. Thank you ladies
Joselyn R.
16:32 25 Feb 19
Glad these ladies are available!
Brandi E.
16:14 25 Feb 19
Beautiful clinic, super clean and friendly staff! Highly recommend this clinic to anyone in need of their services, front staff was amazing! Both Ana & Jennifer! (:
Hailey S.
16:08 25 Feb 19
The front desk people rocked! nice and sweet gals ♥️
Brittaney M.
15:58 25 Feb 19
Easy and quick process, the nurses and front staff explained every step of the way well enough to make me feel comfortable through my process. Everyone was amazing and I was not afraid to ask any questions. Thank you to the staff, without them we would not have the option to do this! <3
Asialena B.
22:18 21 Feb 19
anna was the best !
Kaitlyn B.
19:02 01 Feb 19
They were super nice and helpful.
Dee P.
16:52 09 Jan 19
Awesommeee staff !
Caressa B
17:22 05 Jan 19
Very pleasant experience. Was timely, professional, and very friendly and understanding.
jalesa S.
16:54 05 Jan 19
16:53 05 Jan 19
Friendly staff they made me feel safe and protected! And answered any questions that I had!
Bre M.
16:48 05 Jan 19
Lauren F.
16:41 05 Jan 19
Adriana A.
16:39 05 Jan 19
Ria R.
15:51 05 Jan 19
Lady P.
19:24 02 Jan 19
Had a very enjoyable experience... Was quick and staff was extremely fast and friendly
Dawn B.
18:54 02 Jan 19
I brought a friend and every one in the facility was very professional. Very kind and caring. Made sure we had everything that we might possibly need
Brittny C.
18:34 02 Jan 19
Chloe D.
18:32 02 Jan 19
Theresa M.
16:03 22 Dec 18
Sieara H.
15:21 17 Dec 18
Shawn H.
20:43 06 Dec 18
While I did not have a procedure personally, I came as support to my significant other — the facility was incredibly clean, and the staff were friendly. I was very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of this establishment.
Kaitlyn Y.
20:36 06 Dec 18
I called Tulsa Women’s Clinic scared and confused, right from the start they were informative and non-judgemental. They were able to set up an appointment, and provide me with enough information over the phone to set my worries to ease. Once at the clinic, the facilities were incredibly clean and well organized, and the staff were all incredibly kind and reassuring. There was never a moment of confusion, as they were always at the ready to answer any of your questions or concerns. The appointment does take a few hours, but they warn you about this over the phone, and it definitely feels like they’re being as efficient as possible. Tulsa Women’s Clinic do their best to make you as comfortable and informed as they guide you through this decision in your life, I can’t thank them enough.
Karina C.
17:25 03 Dec 18
Candy V.
15:52 01 Dec 18
Really great staff
Steven V.
15:36 29 Nov 18
Quick, easy, and very professional. loved the lobby 🙂
Mayleigh S.
15:32 29 Nov 18
The staff was very friendly, very helpful, and went out of their way to help me.
Tori P.
20:13 19 Nov 18
The staff was amazing and knowledgeable. I appreciated the time they took to explain everything and their positive attitudes during such difficult time.
Wong Fong S.
18:13 15 Nov 18
Anonymous 1
16:31 08 Nov 18
I know this is not an easy decision for any of us, but I am so glad that this clinic is available for the ones that need their services. Such a beautiful clinic and all the staff was amazing. They made me feel comfortable and welcoming. Thank you so much Tulsa Womens Clinic! You guys are the best!
Anonymous 1
16:20 08 Nov 18
The staff is absolutely wonderful and accommodating to your needs.
18:33 01 Nov 18
Thank you ladies so much for the services you provide. I felt extremely safe throughout the entire process. You all are so sweet and understanding. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through this part of my life. I highly recommend Tulsa Women's Clinic.